Now we fold up our sleeves!

Now we fold up our sleeves!

Corona eruptions, stock market crashes and oil price falls make the situation very demanding for many businesses and individuals and will most likely do so for a long time to come. We are tested as a society and put on the big test together. This is when we will jointly fold up our sleeves!

We at Homble Olsby are closely following the situation and the guidelines from the authorities. We have transformed our law firm into a 100% virtual workplace where we use good technical solutions to maintain the professional and social community. Our lawyers can work from home with full access to our systems, and we maintain daily contact with each other and our clients through video conferencing, email, chat and telephone.

We at Homble Olsby will be available when you need it. As a client, you can always contact your permanent attorney with us and have your questions handled efficiently and with high quality. We intensify our activities related to ongoing assignments and ongoing consultancy in line with your business needs.

We closely monitor the legal and financial consequences of the coronavirus, and have established a dedicated emergency response team that can quickly advise on the situation you or your business is in. The emergency response team consists of high-level specialists. The team can advise both on an ongoing basis and as a one-off assignment.

In order for everyone to get the help they need when needed, we offer video or telephone conferences with the emergency team. There you can ask any questions you may have about what applies to workers and employers in this situation, to put you and your business in a better position to deal with the consequences of the coronavirus. In advance of the conference, we will guide you on how to get connected properly.

We have created a dedicated site on our website where you will also find everything you need to know about the challenges of the working life with the corona virus with links to news articles and articles that we publish on a continuous basis.

It is now that we really want to demonstrate that we are capable of showing solidarity and responsibility to the good of the community. Life and health come first. Then we must do everything we can to roll up our sleeves and save jobs and avoid bankruptcies. We at Homble Olsby want to show you that we are there for you and your business, and only a few keystrokes away.

Welcome to us virtually in Homble Olsby!


With best regards

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